Apple intends for the measure to slow down the performance of iPhone old

This topic is Apple think its slowing down the performance of iPhone old appeared on Engadget.

Was Apple the focus of the news and talk during the past few weeks, so after that the police arrested they are reduced sometimes the speed of the processor in the phones iPhone old as a means to achieve balance between performance and battery life preservation, and the impact it made Apple account for a lack of transparency with their customers, and issued more details about how to manage the operating systems iOS exactly the battery performance.

Apple apologizes for confusion over slowdowns with older iPhones

And Apple they will not do never anything deliberate to estimate the age of any product of its own, or to help in the degradation of the user experience to push it to the phone later, and maybe this was the biggest point of contention between the owners of phones iPhone who felt that Apple has lowered the performance of their phones as a means to achieve more sales.

In order to alleviate the confusion caused by the Apple users, offering replace a reduced cost for batteries out of warranty, for $ 29, they can get a new battery for their phones, and this is less than the old fee of $ 79, but unfortunately, this discount only temporary and would continue until the end of 2018, in addition, Apple states that it will update the new iOS as early as next year that would give the users more information about the health of the battery of iPhones of their own so they can know if they affect the phone’s performance.

Notes Apple TV also old batteries and chemical is considered to be less capacity to deliver maximum power loads for devices, especially in the case of low charged, which led to the closure is not expected for some phones.

To mitigate this, the system included iOS 10.2.1 features that can improve the management of energy, to avoid a shutdown is expected in phones for iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 plus, and iPhone 6S, 6s plus, and iPhone SE, although these changes may not go unnoticed, however, users may experience and in some cases times of the launch of the longest of the comments and soak in the performance.


This topic is Apple think its slowing down the performance of iPhone old appeared on Engadget.

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