Apple intends to cut the price of the iPhone XR in Japan, and the revival phone iPhone X

iPhone XR

Apple announced its financial results for the the latest earlier this year, and revealed the stability of sales of the iPhone. Besides, it turns out that the company expects sales lower than usual in the holiday season this year because of the high prices of phones iPhone New, weak demand due to fierce competition from Chinese companies.

Try to avoid losing more loyal customers, and Apple is planning a cut price iPhone XR in Japan, at least according to the Wall Street Journal of America. Will telecommunications companies in Japan to support to increase sales where there is still customers there prefer the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. And the most interesting is that Apple plans to launch the phone iPhone X in certain markets.

Price reduction in some markets is a practice not unfamiliar, especially for a company like Apple that aims to raise their prices rather than Harvest a greater number of sales. However, Japan is an important market for Apple, and therefore the inability to convince local customers to buy its new smartphones may indicate problems more important.

While still the two phones iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus stealing the spotlight in Japan, has decided to Apple re-launched iPhone X for a different reason altogether. The Wall Street Journal American that Apple did not use after the OLED screens that are requested, since the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max don’t disappear from store shelves quickly, which contemplate the company, it may be the phone iPhone X is the solution to use a minimum of OLED screens that asked manufactured.

It’s unlikely that Apple return the phone iPhone X to its official website on the internet, but it has shipped to retail stores and telecommunication companies, similar to what happened with the iPhone 6 a few years ago.


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