Apple intends to launch a computer Mac is for players in year 2020, according to a rumor the new

Apple iMac

At the moment, dominated by computers completely and fully on the scene of electronic games. Despite having games Mac sure, there are many players who choose to personal computers at the expense of Mac when it comes to games because of the price and ease of upgrade.

Now, according to the rumours strange and somewhat Patently Apple citing sources from Taiwan, it seems that Apple requires on what seems to enter into the computers the games by launching the computer Mac is basically for the players in the year 2020. Currently, the computers, the iMac and MacBook Pro able to run games fairly.

However, when he received a quick look at the performance tests you’ll see that it is not necessarily the best and the strongest when it comes to games, it seems that this field like Apple in the treads. Let the rumors that this will be a computer for gaming cost $ 5,000 roughly, can come either in the form of computer class all-in-one AIO or a laptop for gaming.

As we have said, it seems a bit strange to say Apple release a device like this because the company has never been among the companies that are trying to meet the needs of the market for computers and games. Needless to say, it would be optimal to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of credibility, but we hope to have more details in the future.


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