Apple intends to launch a streaming video service own $ 15 a month

Detection analyst Tim O’shea about some of the details relating to monthly subscription services, broadcast video associated with Apple, as it seems, Apple will convert $ 15 per month service, any more than asking for a service Netflix with $ 1 plan to broadcast in 4K.

But the biggest problem relating to the content, as noted by O’shea to that service Netflix has expanded in recent times due to the content of the original, while Apple’s implementation of a minor part of the implementation of Netflix to develop the content of the original. You will also need Apple for licenses from a major studio, like I did Netflix in the beginning before moving on to the content of the original.

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But, said O’shea. if Apple plans to reduce the rate of Return of about 30%, may pay the studios to refuse service fully, contrary to the rumors that Apple wants 50% reduction.

It is worth mentioning that it’s hard to attract customers to Apple service if the company does not have catalog content can be compared to competitors such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, so it’s hard to believe Apple on this service to increase the level of its profit.


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