Apple intends to reduce the size of the extrusion as a prelude to remove it soon

Use Apple to reduce the size of the extrusion as a prelude to remove it completely from phones iPhone, through the next two years. So it’s time for Apple’s big change in design based on the strong competition now in the smart phone market? And what about the fingerprint technology Face ID the safest of the fingerprint according to Apple, will I be without them is the other?

أبل تنوي تقليل حجم النتوء تمهيداً لإزالته قريباً

أبل تنوي تقليل حجم النتوء تمهيداً لإزالته قريباً

In a new report published by analyst, the famous Ming Zhao Kuo famous across the site MyDriver Chinese alleging that the devices iPhone 2020 or one of them at least will come with front camera very small, which means reduce the size of the extrusion.

On the other hand, the site published China Times report to in the company Credit Suisse to invest in Asia, that Apple is planning to launch models iPhone one of them, at least not without note fingerprint Face ID in the year 2020. Allegedly, the iPhone will contain instead the front camera under the screen, and the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID full screen. The report alleges also that it is likely that the company Apple has developed a technology fingerprints under the screen own instead of relying on other companies.

According to those rumors this will be the future of IP devices-the iPhone in the next three years:

◉ Devices iPhone 2019 will contain the same extrusion current fingerprint Face ID.

◉ Devices iPhone of 2020 will contain a protrusion smaller in size with a fingerprint, Face ID, in addition to your iPhone one contains no protrusion will be fitted with fingerprints fill the screen.

◉ Devices iPhone 2021, it is likely that all come fingerprints fill the screen.

Last week, claimed another report that Apple plans to launch iPhone with fingerprint under the screen, will be limited to the Chinese market because of the low cost compared to phones with Fingerprint Face ID. We talked about it in detail in a previous article – link -.

Similarly, following the meetings with the suppliers in the supply chain of the Asian Apple in May, claimed analysts Barclays to models, the iPhone of 2020 will disappear on the technique of fingerprint under the screen powered by the sound waves that make the screen all ID fingerprint rather than a specific place.

The bottom line

It was the design of the medallion controversial since his appearance with the iPhone X in 2017, it was believed since the first moment that this is a temporary solution and a step on the way for the iPhone screen from edge to edge in full in the future. So those rumors may contain some credibility. However, consideration should be given to such reports with suspicion until confirmed by other sources. No doubt also, that the premature a lot has changed plans overnight.

And the possibility of using iPhone bnwt small or without a note totally not weird, especially since other companies offer phones without note cameras front under the screen, but the core dilemma is in the services, FaceID, where Apple provides several accounts in the extrusion and not only just a camera never ends up. Will she be able to Apple hide all of these sensors? Or waive FaceID!

And what should be emphasized, that there is nothing official yet, but this certainly aims to draw a perfectly clear picture regarding the road map for Apple for iPhone the future.

And we think that the era of notes has began fading, and we are on the cusp of a new era for new phones in the near future.

Will Apple cancel the extrusion iDevice iPhone? Will you give the Apple to fingerprint onlyFinger Touch ID again, even though you see them for Face ID on it is more sophisticated than print? Tell us in the comments.



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