Apple introduced the spring collection of straps for the Apple Watch

On the first day of spring (don’t be surprised in the US it is considered that spring begins on 21 March, the vernal equinox), Apple introduced a series of spring straps for the Apple Watch. Seasonal update includes over a dozen new bracelets from silicone, nylon and even leather.

The standard range consists of four models in different colors with different straps, including sports and classic buckle. Straps Nike+ have a familiar form factor, but correspond to the colors of the Nike brand. In previous times it was also decided to link the release of the bracelets and shoes.

Straps Herm├Ęs (at least white) seem more challenging. Though they resemble the solutions available to buy previously, perceived quite fresh and stylish. These definitely will appeal to the weak half of humanity, which, however, does not prevent to buy them and men.

Sales of the updated collection of straps starts at the end of this month. To buy a novelty in Russia will be possible at the official online store of the company, and subsequently the partners. The price of the available band will start from $ 49 and the most expensive will reach $ 489.

We invite you to discuss the updated series of straps in our Telegram chat.

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