Apple introduces a new tool to help parents monitor their children’s use of their


Increased use of smart phones by children is of concern during the past years, so much so that the smartphone has become the tool of distraction provided by the parents to get rid of the inconvenience of their children, and in recent times, been criticism of Apple due to not focus too much on this problem, called investor two’s company by adding controls to improve the experience of children’s use of phones, protecting them from harmful things that may be exposed, the company disclosed that it provides a means of parental control since 2008 already, and promised to exert more efforts.

الاطفال والاجهزة الذكيةKids and smart

And today the company pages Parental Control new protect the name of the Families’ page dedicated also for this purpose, highlighting ways that parents can control to use their children for Apple various, the company aims to help parents in order to get a better understanding of the different features available across devices, Apple, and Page all the information about the Parental Control offered by the company.

صفحة أبلPage Apple

And the company she established the Department of children carefully in the Store App Store and they decline all applications to make sure they are safe, parents can restrict the age group so that children can purchase or download the content according to their age, and parents also have the ability to control the type of applications that prove their kids on the device, they can also turn off the web browser Safari.

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