Apple introduces its latest handsets to 2018 half the price of iPhone X


Bought a large number of users of phones iPhone that the price of a copy X, who came to celebrating 10 years of the launch of the first iPhone in the world, was too high is not the average user can afford it, so Apple decided to fix this year, since there are leaks that Apple is preparing to launch a new iPhone with a screen measuring6.1 inches in the fall at a price of up to $ 550.

Got site MacRumors on that information from the note provided by the company KGI, claims that the iPhone 6.1 inches can come in two different types, the first with card SIM Dual at a price between $ 650 to $ 750, and the second with a single company at a price ranging between 550 and $ 650.

The cost of phone Apple’s current flagship iPhone X 999 $ , as the price goes up if you choose the additional storage capacity, which means that the iPhone, which would be about Apple this year will be cheaper by half from the current price, such a step would give Apple the necessary tools to compete globally against inflation Android phones with price available.

It is expected to be version 6.1-inch is the cheapest among the three women that will launch by Apple, as predicted by analysts that the cost of OLED iPhone 2018 for about $ 1100.

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