Apple introduces updated demo لـiOS 13 brings the advantage of Deep Fusion iPhone 11

Today will launch Apple’s new test version of iOS 13 it is that will come with the merger of deep Deep Fusion camera iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro is technical, which was damn huge in the conference on former Apple.

This interesting technique will benefit from the energy of the processor A13 Bionic as well as the motor nervous system Neural Engine built-in phone along with techniques of machine learning for the purpose of producing excellent images and high-definition with attention to the processing of every pixel in the image which means that the technique of Deep Fusion will be an integrated system for image processing and not only put to change.

Feature Deep Fusion aimed at improving interior photography in poor lighting or medium as it will be activated automatically this is where the camera in the iPhone 11 will be based on Smart HDR lighting associated with while they will be based on Deep Fusion in low-light or medium while the third choice would be a night Mode but the camera won’t do it unless the lighting is very vulnerable which is what the about it earlier.

Way to work the camera in the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro

As we know have 11 Pro comes with three lenses, the first is the wide lens the Wide Angle and the second ultra-wide lens Ultra-Wide Angle while the lens II is a lens Telephoto. The lens of the phone calls the last will automatically and always with the technique of Deep Fusion new while the lens is Wide-Angle (the lens core) will work in the lighting associated with Smart HDR and incandescent lighting with Deep Fusion in poor lighting with Dark Mode, as stated before, that while the propulsion of the second Ultra-Wide Angle will only work with Smart HDR and will not support the situation of the other two.

Of course, the iPhone 11 is missing the lens Telephoto there is no information confirming whether this will affect the performance of the Deep Fusion or not, but the phone in general will support the new technology.

An improved image through the technique of Deep Fusion which are of course taken iPhone 11/iPhone 11 pro

According to The Verge, the origin of the Apple features Deep Fusion running fully in the background unlike the Night Mode i.e. it will not be able to activate or deactivate.

How it works the technique of Deep Fusion in iPhone 11 on?

The technique of Deep Fusion as we mentioned earlier is a technique of image processing so the way to work a little complicated. this is where the phone captures three photos before you even press the Export button and through the process of filming fast once you press the Export button is to pick up three new images (frames) and then merge all the images into one image of high precision and quality, where the regime chooses the best photo in terms of detail and saturation, and then destroys the rest of the images in a manner that may be a little complicated since they depend on the market hardware & software also which here consists of a central processor and nervous.

Once you capture the image they are interference in the scientific treatment quad levels where is the revision of the image pixel after the other is adjusted as colors, details, lighting and other elements so you have to expect to take a picture using the Deep Fusion is a process you may need a few extra seconds compared to the usual photos.

Source: MacRumors

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