Apple invented the iPhone, the body which is one big display

Apple like no other company is able to useful innovations. Almost all developments of the company from Cupertino, in contrast to that offered by its competitors, applicable in real conditions without attracting dubious scenarios for the ears. That is why even the flagship smartphones of Apple I have not the hundredfold zoom or camera with a resolution of 100 megapixels or control the screen with just a look. After all, neither one nor the other, nor the third, anyway, have no practical use. But to understand what it really is, you need at least to carry out real experiments.

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Despite the fact that come up any most people usage scenario for smartphones that is one continuous screen, it is difficult, in Cupertino have decided to secure for itself the right to release such a device in the future. Apparently, for this reason the company has taken and patented the device of the corresponding type, thereby giving to understand that she was at least interested in this topic and it does not exclude the possibility that someday will embody the idea described in patent documents, to life.

What will be the iPhone of the future

Display in the whole case — has not reached this one yet. Even Xiaomi

The idea that lies at the basis of a patent, is to essentially make the phone a single ingot. That is, it will not contain joints or obstacles that interrupts the display, which should be uniform throughout the area, as if wrapping it from all sides. Thus, the smartphone will no longer work, because to hold him and interact with him would be anything involving even the side faces on which either accommodate information that does not require a permanent location before the eyes or touch version keys power, volume or reboot.

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“A device that can display an image in multiple planes, in addition to basic information, can display a variety of supporting data, Cycling thus several parties with displays. For example, if the main screen displays the picture or photo, the controls can be placed on the side or allow her to go on the side and on the back side. The basic idea is to move away from the concepts of front, rear or lateral sides and to minimize the differences between them, forming a single interaction region,” reads the description of the invention.

Cool, but useless

Many believe that to implement something similar today, but most likely it is not. The same Xiaomi could make a fully working and commercially oriented smartphone Mix Alpha, wrapping his display from both sides. As a result, free was only a small strip on the rear panel, which houses the power key, the camera system and flash. Therefore, to assume that the Chinese have been able to do something similar, but Apple can’t simply incorrect. One should note that the latter are much more financial and technical capabilities. Just, most likely, in Cupertino have not been able to figure out why would ever need such a device.

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It is clear that this project is not only difficult, though quite possible, but expensive. The result is a super-futuristic conception, which will cost as much as a premium car, but will not have the real operation scenarios, and therefore its only purpose will have to demonstrate the guests, and the rest of the time kept in the box or, God forbid, in an armored safe. Such can lead to someone else, but not Apple.

Apple does not exclude that it will release the iPhone, which all display

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