Apple invests $ 250 million in the company Corning to support innovation for future devices

Apple Company

While I didn’t remember Apple during the presentation, the iPhone 11 Series The New Energy glass Gorilla Glass Company Corning in the front and rear, although the company stated that it used the ” glass is the most solid in any smart phone at all. “ Company Corning supplied Apple with a bottle of Gorilla Glass since the launch of the first generation of the iPhone, has done this with every new model, and the same applies also for all models of the Apple Watch, the most models of the iPad also.

Announced Apple just that it will invest 250 million USD in the company of Corning, so the partnership will continue for years to come. Come funds this investment from the investment fund of the Apple Advanced Manufacturing Fund, which is the same fund that who was used by Apple to invest $ 200 million in the company Corning itself in 2017.

With regard to this investment New, stated the chairman of the board and CEO of Corning, Mr. Wendell P Weeks by saying : ” this award from the Advanced Manufacturing Fund will allow us to develop innovations of a new leader for the sector of the glass industry, with the expansion of our capacity in manufacturing. Most importantly to our ongoing collaboration allows us to create new capabilities and vitality for end-users and further pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the future. “

Invested Apple a billion dollars in American companies through its fund of investment Advanced Manufacturing Fund, even now. The company has worked with 9000 supplier American last year and helped create more jobs in all fifty states. When it comes with Corning specifically, it has bought the company of a bottle of $ 3 million USD for its devices portable even now.

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