Apple involved in the scandal privacy New due to the recording of iPhone users ‘ data secret

iPhone XS Max

You know, Apple has recently hit a painful not to found itself embroiled in a scandal of her new relationship, especially after the detection of a new report from the website TechCrunch that the applications for a number of companies such as Air Canada and Expedia, and and other other applications you record sessions to use by the users phones iPhone their own without giving those apps permission to do so.

A report by website TechCrunch reported that those applications included a system for ” recording sessions ” was developed by the company Glassbox system, which enables application developers to record what is happening on the screen of the phone user and nature of use of the user to the investigation, monitoring all the movements of the user during the filming of what’s going on on the screen with the knowledge that the report warned that the capacity of this system built-in that apps to monitor sensitive data through capture the image of the company.

As you can expect, some companies are sending that data to the Glassbox, while other companies sent to its own servers, the common denominator between these companies is that they don’t remember as you register for Sessions the users on those apps in the privacy settings of your applications.

It is worth mentioning that some experts in the field of secure information they find out in 2017 that the application of the taxi drivers demand Uber uses a similar mechanism to note that the latter got permission from Apple to use this technology to ensure the app works smoothly with the Smart Watch Apple Watch.


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