Apple is considering making the screen the iPhone allows you to sense the texture of the elements that you see

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The smartphone market is very mature, and as a result, with every new launch of smart phones, you find manufacturers increasingly difficult to make smart phones even more remarkable. Instead, we look forward mostly to improve the current features, such as improving the performance of the cameras, improving the AI, etc.

However, in the patent was discovered recently, it seems that Apple’s idea of revolution for the screen of the iPhone, which can allow users to ” Alice ” from through the screen itself. What this means is that if you look at an item on the screen, it is simulating the texture of this element, such as wood, metal, fur, etc.

We’re not sure of the type of use the process that can be provided by this screen, but the user experience will be completely different. I’ve tried Apple use the technology interesting in the past, like I did with the technique of sensing the pressure of the 3D Touch. However, this feature did not get a great success, prompting Apple to them in the end in the iPhone 11 Series that have been released this year.

We heard that the company may also require to transfer technology Apple ProMotion 120Hz of the tablet, the iPad Pro the iPhones coming next year, but it remains to be seen whether it will be achieved in the end or not.

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