Apple is considering the inclusion of several cameras at her watch

According to a new patent registered in the name of the Apple TV, it seems that the company is considering the inclusion of cameras by the future of H, which can be considered a logical step after the development of voice input and promote the use of the previous calls.

Describes the patent H by the two cameras as soon as a broad vision integrated the two Area Connection bracelets the police, seems to support two cameras with The came to facilitate the capture the face of the user without the need to tilt the wrist and hand or face to a large degree, where you want the Apple TV to integrate video camera, the first with the second to produce a video at an angle visible in real time.

This explain the presence of two cameras, either enjoy them as soon as you vision of wide Live the user the freedom to move his hand during the video calls without out the face of the picture frame, knowing that the patent referred to the possibility of using lenses with different settings such as long lenses and macro loan, what benefits that the function of the cameras will not be limited to video calls, and have the buyer the freedom to choose the setting of the cameras.

There are several stages to improve the patent into a real product, and we know that the work of the two cameras with to output the video in real time requires an ability to compute a large software powerful requires a long months of research and development.

Source: AppleInsider

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