Apple is considering withdrawing some applications of the e-store for breaking the privacy of the users

Call the company Apple and Apple app developers, having discovered them using the systems record the activities of users of phones “iPhone” iPhone without their knowledge, so I asked them “Apple” to stop these practices, threatened to withdraw the applications suspicious from the Store “App Store”.

Confirmed the “Apple” in a statement, that there are conditions for use in the app store of the group, imposed on the developers permission and communicated to users in a clear manner the phenomenon of no registration or download or save to their activities.

He warned the “Apple” developers that, in the case did not stop this practice or they did not notify the user continuously, will apply to their e-store.

The specialist says that there are so many apps working on recording the activities of its users without their knowledge with, “Expedia” the hotel bookings travel and hotels and the”Hollister” clothes.

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