Apple is defending its policy in the App Store with mounting criticism

Defended the company Apple on Wednesday publicly about the App Store and its growing criticism because of its dealings with competitors in a publication on her blog showing in detail the functions of the store guidance.

Criticized companies, such as the company Broadcast Audio “Spotify” Spotify, the practices of Apple, describing it as the behavior of the non-competitive in a complaint to the organization against fraud in the European Union.

According to the Financial Times earlier in the month of May that the European Union will soon begin a formal investigation in the antitrust case brought by Spotify on the Apple TV.

Provided Spotify in the month of March last an official complaint to the European Union claimed that Apple has acted illegally, and abused the dominance of the App Store its in favor of its own service streaming audio: “Apple Music” Apple Music.

Focus complaint Spotify Car Apple for the imposition of fees by 30% on the use of own defense system for subscriptions sold through the App Store affiliate. This policy applies to Spotify, and subscription services in other music, but not on applications, such as: AWeber.

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In a new section under the title “principles and guidance”, and defended Apple for the exercise by saying: the developers are the one who decides the amount of fees that they pay from among a range of prices.

The company added: “We collect commissions from developers when offering goods or a digital service via an application”. She continued: “We care about quality more than quantity, as we charge more trustworthy than financial transactions”.

Said Apple: “for this reason, while other stores have a larger number of users and downloads the app, The Store App Store allows developers to earn more money.”

He welcomed the publication of the Apple TV – which comes ahead of its annual developer conference in your company’s WWDC 2019, which applies next Monday – competition. The company said: “We believe that competition makes everything better, and that our clients get the best applications”.

Issued the United States Supreme Court’s mid-May decision to allow the lawsuits, filed by consumers accusing the company of Apple monopolizing the market for apps “App Store“, forcing them to pay the overpayment.

It can be the plaintiffs claim billions of dollars in compensation if they win in lawsuits that accuse Apple of being match selling applications through its own application store, which allows him to earn commissions, trailing 30% of the purchases.

Hung a giant American technology on the decision of the Supreme Court allow the lawsuits against her; that he might be a threat to e-commerce, which make up a fast growth in the US economy; amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

And the issue of complaints that the Apple App Store – which is the only way to buy applications that can be used on devices “iPhone” iPhone and the”iPad,” iPads, and the Apple Watch Apple Watches – is actually a monopoly forcing people to pay large sums for apps.

And Apple TV to developers to sell apps outside the store “August store”, and can not for users of its portable to download software on their phone unless it was from the store. In contrast, the Android system of Google allows the download of applications from more than one store, or even shop provided the application file in APK format.


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