Apple is demanding the owners of some computers MacBook Pro refund them and explain why

The company said Apple TV Thursday: it will be a limited number of computers portable (MacBook Pro) MacBook Pro with measurement: 15 inches, due to the presence of a problem in the battery make them prone to overheating, which may lead to “the risk of outbreak of fires”.

The company explained in a statement: the units of the computers (MacBook Pro) sold during the period between September 2015 and February 2017, and can be determined through the number of the serial port.

Said Apple – which asked customers to stop using the unit (MacBook Pro) affected by the problem: if the callback does not affect any other modules or computers of the series (Mac).

It is indicated that this problem is not first, as it had been for other companies that called customers to refund the units affected from their computers or smart phones, as has happened with Samsung in 2016 that have abolished the sales of her smart phone (Galaxy Note 7) Galaxy Note 7, and less than two months after its launch, after the ignition of the fire in the phones because of the explosion of the battery.

Separately, the company said Apple on Thursday also: the tariffs proposed American goods from China, including: iPhone, computers, iPad tablets, computers, Mac, personal, would reduce the company contributions in the U.S. economy, and affects its global competitiveness.

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