Apple is developing a subscription service for games

Announced a some unknown sources recently about the dangers of Apple TV, some game developers on their systems on making monthly subscription service that combines several games with.

Despite the lack of any mention of any games may include this service or the monthly cost of approximate of the service, however, the leaks also indicate the interest of Apple to be responsible for the publication, Marketing and distribution of some of the games.

This comes at a time when the Apple TV relies on subscriptions as one of the most important sources of their income, especially as they take between 15 to 30% of the cost of monthly subscriptions to any app or game currently on the app store, what helped analyze returns of $ 40 million on returns alone, where it is considered that up to 50 million by 2020.

This is for the fact that games represent 70% of total spend at the App Store, it is quite logical to take the Apple TV this step, especially that several companies, other technology such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google it and Sony are working on the development of services and the involvement of similar games or have similar services already.

Source: Cheddar

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