Apple is facing a great crisis will cost millions of dollars!

In a new report on sales of recent Apple company said StreetAccount research, citing two of the financial firms is important, that Apple is facing a real problem will cost millions of dollars this year!

This represents a crisis in the decline of the demand for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR by 20% to 30% with increasing demand for models of the last year, particularly the Evo 8 and 8 plus, some of the old vintages which forced Apple to cut the production of its phones, the New increase production of older models!

For their part trimmed analysts Apple from the second level and the first level of their expectations on the sales of the devices Evo New because of low demand, which seems prepared to even have suppliers, said the local stock market review the suggestions on the stock prices of Apple, as the headwinds from the war, U.S. trade with China, and currency fluctuations, or even just people’s preference models iPhone old the cheapest, a negative impact on the supply chain of the Apple .

Also decreased the predictions of the sales of the iPhone XR of the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo in the bottom 30%, confirmed many of the stores and other wholesale production decline based on declining demand for the new phones, and the situation is much different for the makers of semiconductors, displays, and camera, circuit boards and batteries for the new iPhone, which represents half of their business.

In addition, reported Reuters reports that the supplier of Apple’s main technology used in Face ID, a company called Lumentum, has lowered its forecast for sales and profits.After the decline of the request of Apple on the purchase of the sensor in three-dimensional space used in the technique of Face ID .

It seems that Apple is having a tough time and a crisis is real nobody knows when it ends, especially after the decline in shares of Apple more than $ 9, which exceeded the barrier of $ 200 for the first time in months!

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