Apple is facing a lawsuit because of that card and its organs don’t last for a long time

Availability of Apple class-action lawsuit in the Canadian province of Quebec from users who bought their products with rechargeable batteries since late 2014 the devices include the iPhone and the iPad and iPod plus the MacBook and smart, and those who bought the services of AppleCare.

Seeks users and the law firms that stretch them to get the compensation, where it was to allow a lawsuit on the basis that Apple failed to provide product must be durable for a reasonable period, so that the company encountered a problem in the battery life of the Virtual, which pushed to replace the more than 11 million cards for iPhone.

Consumer protection law in the province of Khmel provides legal guarantee to the consumers about the quality of the products, and turn Apple’s responsibility to disclose the safeguards provided by law for the customers before buying the products AppleCare, where you think one of the problems that Apple has not provided sufficient information in relation to battery life available for their products.

At the current time, it is not clear what he thinks the users a reasonable time frame on the lifespan of batteries the devices, while Apple TV and the government’s Canadian batteries-consuming, and generally not covered by consumer protection law.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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