Apple is facing the first lawsuit against the gap FaceTime

You know, Apple first filed a lawsuit against the gap tapping on the FaceTime, which we published yesterday. As reported by Bloomberg, the lawyer from Houston, Texas is suing Apple, alleging that the loophole FaceTime allowed for an unknown person. listening to private conversation with a client.

The complaint, which was filed in state court in Houston, says the mistake of tapping the form of a massive violation of privacy, the lawyer said Attorney Larry Williams II that he was tapping it while taking the client certificate.

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Seeking Williams to get punitive damages against product liability, negligence, breach of warranty, and misrepresentation. It is almost certain that this lawsuit will not be the only ones faced by Apple due to a fault in tapping on FaceTime.

While reports indicate that Apple has been alerted for the first time about this vulnerability Key earlier this month, they did not receive widespread attention until yesterday. Since the announcement of the back, the Apple has temporarily stopped the Group FaceTime, and promised to reform back in later this week.

Didn’t know Apple on the allegations made in the lawsuit, and did not provide any additional information about the extent of the proximity of the issuance of a complete solution for tapping on FaceTime.

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