Apple is gathering information for the streets with backpacks equipped with cameras and sensors

أبل تجمع معلومات للشوارع بواسطة حقائب ظهر مزودة بكاميرات ومجسات

In the photo people didn’t used to see her in San Francisco, published technical author Dante Cesar pictures on his Twitter account that anyone working in the Apple carries a backpack equipped with cameras and sensors to collect data and information, that is not recognized on the main target and actual behind this process by Apple, but it seems that it is a private party where the word truth my Apple Map and the website also.

According to the website MacRumors that Apple is expanding its efforts to the drawings of the streets using trucks equipped with sensor of photocell measuring range, and now are using their employees to collect data on foot in the purpose of improving paths to walk in their charts according to the site, this is devoted to the work of the Apple based on its own data for maps, which has built itself from the beginning, where they promised to provide greater detail and higher resolution in the next updates it seems that the company is doing now.

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