Apple is growing again. The company recaptured $ 75 billion

The negative market reaction to a decline in revenue both Apple and suggested Tim cook, gradually start to forget, allowing her to re-start to increase its capitalization. This was due to the growth of prices for shares of the company, which began to rise, returning to pre-crisis levels. Even a small growth recorded to date has allowed Apple to recoup some of the tens of billions of dollars and restore movement to the title of most expensive public company of our time.

Reaching the prices in 157,92 per share, Apple managed to make up for about $ 75 billion capitalization that was lost as a result of recent events. This is a significant amount that will only increase as the securities of the company will come back to normal. However, to attract investors to its stock, Apple will have to work hard, providing the public with several new and revolutionary products.

What Apple will present in 2019

According to the latest leaks for the first half of 2019 Apple has scheduled a number of milestone releases that will mark the next climb. For example, in Cupertino are getting ready to start selling wireless charging station AirPower, updated AirPods, to launch its own video service, as well as to provide service the Apple News Magazinesthat provides access to magazines via subscription. Of notable mention is the release of the new iPad and iPod Touch, which, in my opinion, will not enjoy great popularity.

Tim cook, according to his own statement, was ready to such turn of events, and therefore reacted to the collapse of Apple stock rather calmly. He said in an interview with Jim Cramer, the host of the show Mad Money on CNBC that used to not pay much attention to, the behavior of the stock market. “I almost never wonder what is happening in the market because the market generally is quite emotional,” explained the CEO of Apple.

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