Apple is in talks with a company BOE for the OLED screens for phones iPhone future

iPhone X

I selected LG company to oversee the manufacture of OLED screens to Apple for the iPhone coming this year, and while this page is still under scrutiny, it seems they wouldn’t blur the fact that Samsung will remain the main suppliers for Apple screen OLED. However, the latest rumors that the company BOE Chinese will have this condition in the foreseeable future, but the page is not completed yet.

First, the company would have to prove that they can produce OLED screens according to the specifications of Apple’s strict components are required. Supports the Vice President of the company BOE that the rate of return factory in Chengdu has reached 70%, which is what the experts say as close to what you need the company for mass production.

However, if agreement was reached, you’ll see the iPhone equipped with a screen OLED supplied from the company BOE in the year 2020 to say the least. In the meantime, will import Apple OLED displays, mostly from Samsung, and a small proportion of the company LG, at least according to some insiders on the plans of Apple.

Company BOE actually supplying Apple LCD screens used in tablet and iPad computers MacBook, so they have sufficient experience in how to deal with Apple. Not to mention it’s No. 1 for large-screen LCDs in the world.

This page will be the benefits of each of the two companies. You want Apple to cut costs note that the center of Samsung’s dominant in the market for OLED screens will lead to difficult negotiations. China wants to compete with South Korea and Japan in the field of tea production, and thus get the approval of Apple is a testament to the quality.


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