Apple is interested in the transfer of 15% to 30% of its production to outside China to avoid the tariffs associated with

Apple Company

Think Apple in the transfer of production capacity from China to Southeast Asia, at least according to a new report released from the news agency Nikkei Review. And discuss the representatives of the company with suppliers about the amount of capacity that can be transferred outside of China because of the uncertainty caused by the tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Require Apple apparently transfer between 15% and 30% of their total capacity. As all of you probably know, it has been China is the next key to global success for Apple, but quoted one executive as saying : ” the decrease of the birth rate, rising labor costs and the risk of concentration of production processes in one country ” to make Apple think about diversification.

Has been consulting companies specialized in the assembling of devices such as Foxconn and Pegatron, and Wistron about the possible transfer of the production lines. New countries that are likely to be she was targeted include Mexico, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam, but keep the latter state is the favorite. Have company Wiston already made for iPhone old in India, but still are manufactured more than 90 percent of Apple products in China.

It will take moving to another state three years ago, but the process of moving will not be free of the pain. Bother sources that one of the suppliers had spent three to five months in evaluating a site, only to find out later that there is a risk of power outages. It won’t happen in China, where I invested the local government is already a massive amount of money in infrastructure, water utilities and even housing for workers, making it difficult for Apple to leave the country.

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