Apple is investigating an accident explosion of the iPhone 6

Announced Apple TV they going to open an investigation into the accident of the explosion of the iPhone 6 suddenly in the hands of the girl 11-year-old in the state of California, USA.

آبل تحقق في حادثة انفجار هاتف آيفون 6Apple is investigating an accident explosion of the iPhone 6

According to a report by television channel ABC of America, the girl was on her cell phone naturally, when she saw suddenly buy the Fire Phone tops had only by immediately hands it to after on the bed up-to-date damage to the lids as a result of the fire.

The girl was hit freely simple, and the exposure of the phone to make the process of recognition as difficult as the breakup of the sections from each other. The mother of the girl contacted customer service who told her to send them pictures to investigate it as well as compensated the iPhone another alternative.

هاتف آيفون 6 بعد الانفجارThe iPhone 6 after the explosion.

According to Apple, there are several factors that may raise the temperature of the iPhone, leading to the inclusion of as in that case as the use of chargers not original or the Reformed have maintenance centers are not supported, but that does not apply to that case last mentioned as the mother added that her daughter used the phone mainly to watch the video on YouTube.

This incident is not the first of its kind for the iPhone in general, such accidents rarely occur. The witness of the story that accidents like that kind if it occurred to you or to prevent them – God forbid – the full responsibility borne by Apple or its official agent in your country to compensate for any loss or damage.

We don’t even know now as a result of investigations to that of the first accused in such incidents is usually the battery that causes overheating of the phone to malfunction of the chambers of the plug causing ignition of the phone or it explodes.

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