Apple is launching public beta versions of the first iOS 13, iPadOS and MacOS Catalina

iOS 13

The Apple today issued a public beta version first iOS 13, iPadOS and MacOS Catalina. Been announced that three versions of the new operating systems at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019, which was held earlier this month. After that, we have seen developers get beta version of these systems since then, but now the company decided to the Apple TV to the next versions of these systems are good enough to be tested by anyone who has the courage to deal in the software demo company.

To download, go to this site. Will continue after that to receive the public beta versions of the new operating system that you are using until you Apple to issue the official version of the final, which should happen probably in the month of September.

It was supposed to be the launch of the public beta version of the iOS system 13 in the month of July next, but it seems that Apple has found that this new version of its operating system has become stable enough to launch it a week before. Apart from that, since this is a public beta version first, we expect them to lack a lot of things and brings with it lots of bugs and problems on the level of performance, not to mention the poor battery life, and possibly some compatibility problems with applications also. So it’s safe to say that it is not a good idea to install these beta versions on the devices that you use on a daily basis.


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