Apple is looking for a place to build a new headquarters accommodates 20 thousand employees


Use Apple’s opening of the new headquarters accommodates 20 thousand employees, and that after the opening of the gantry-based “Apple Park” which reached the cost of its establishment to $ 5 billion, reports indicate that the new headquarters will be close to Duke University, which he graduated CEO “Tim Cook” and many of the senior managers at Apple.

Magazine reported “triangle Business Journal” reported on Wednesday that the company “Apple” is looking for a suitable area to build a new headquarters for its employees, which receive the governor of the state of North Carolina “Roy Cooper” and the Ministry of trade in the state, “Tony Copeland” with the CEO of Apple Tim Cook on 11 May to agree on the details.

تيم كوكTim Cook

Responded a spokesman for the boy “the beauty of the little” in an email to the site “Business Insider” :”we do not share information about economic development projects before they become final, but I’m happy to share more information when making a decision”.

The Apple had announced earlier that it plans to spend $ 30 million and employ 20 thousand employees in the United States during the next five years, and part of this investment will go to the new headquarters, which is located away from the headquarters company of the mainland.

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