Apple is looking to add a feature to track your sleep by hours Apple Watch future

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At the moment, can be for the Smart Watch Apple Watch tracking the type of user. This is done through apps such as Sleep Cycle, which can monitor the amount of sleep you get based on your movements. But according to a report from Mark Gurman from the website of Bloomberg, it may require Apple to include the feature of tracking your sleep in hours Apple Watch for the future.

This report says that Apple has already tested this feature in secret, in secret locations different in their headquarters, but although it is being tested already, we don’t expect to see her any time soon. Due to that, according to the report, if all goes well, I’ll tell Apple to include the Apple Watch coming in 2020, so don’t expect to see this feature in hours Apple Watch, which will arrive in the second half of this year.

It is not clear how different these water features sleep tracking and other that we have seen in the past, but maybe will Apple add some characteristics to the advantage of own sleep to make it different from other features. It should be noted that Apple had in the year 2017, to take possession of company Beddit specialized in tracking sleep patterns.

The company did not a lot since the acquisition of these, except that they continued to sell the device to monitor sleep, but this may be the integration in the Apple Watch is how the plan by Apple to make full use of the process of acquisition of these.


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