Apple is on its way for the loss of the Battle of aid of voice for Amazon

With the beginning of the New Year reviewed Amazon Flex its muscles for everyone and we saw many of the organizations party-backed assistant Amazon audio Alexa within the activities of the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018, while creating the Apple and her assistant Siri voice to deliver any product by the American company to which we return they are affecting others in the technology industry. Late Apple a lot in the dialogue of the voice, and there are no signs that she could catch up to Amazon or Google, as confirmed by many specialists that the speaker Supported Service Apple Siri HomePod will not withstand the popular big that gets it speaker Amazon Echo or other devices that support Alexa when issued later this year. Among the most prominent problems associated with surround sound Apple HomePod delayed its release on the market until now in addition to the exceptionally high price ($349) that the price can be the acquisition of eight devices Echo Dots provided by Amazon and distribution to the rooms of the house and enjoy music and answers the prompt on the voice commands in every corner of the house. Over the past five years was CES place for tech to catch up with what is revealed by Apple or try to keep up with what was expected to reveal, but it seems that those days are gone where we saw the Amazon in this year’s exhibition as the most influential in the stomach, especially in the direction of the dialogue audio. Besides Google, the dominance of Amazon on this year’s show, where the company announced about a large number of supported devices of the party the same way, including smart glasses, cars, speakers, and smart grids, televisions, home appliances and computers to the new windows that come with the assistant Alexa is preinstalled, and much more.

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