Apple is planning to launch 4 phones iPhone with 5G within the next year

Apply the first versions of phones iPhone that supports communication networks of the fifth generation during the next year, in a new report published today indicated that Apple will be 4 versions of phones, the iPhone 5G.

Some reports asserted that Apple will find some changes to its schedule to launch phones the iPhone next year, offering two versions during the first half of 2020, while apply to other versions in the second half of 2020.

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Came the latest leaks today via one of the suppliers of Apple, where he confirmed the source of the leaks that Apple is preparing to launch phones, iPhone 5G, where the Apple 4 models for the iPhone 5G next year, is expected to reach a stock Apple of units of the iPhone 5G to 120 million units.

Projections indicate that Apple offers 4 models 5G next year as a result of the lateness of the apple of the Giants of manufacturing a phone in the launch of the versions 5G through 2019, and projections indicate that Apple is on its way to use the chip X55 support contact phones networks SA and NSA.

On the other hand, projections indicate that phones the iPhone 5G is coming with the level of pricing is high up to 1854 of approximately$, as projections indicate that the phones, the iPhone come next year size of 5.4 inches, with two of the phones the size of 6.1 inch, and the issuance size 6.7 inch.

Recall that Apple is planning for the official announcement about the phone, its low-cost iPhone SE2 during the month of March of the next year, that features iPhone 8, with a size of 4.7 inches, with a storage capacity of 64 GB or 128 GB, as the phone is available in colors gray, white along with red color.


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