Apple is planning to launch devices the new MacBook in September

Apple is planning a to determine the form of laptops MacBook Air with processors faster in September, according to IHS, Markit, who referred to the updated lineup of devices MacBook Pro 13.3-inch processors faster also, which version would be without the touch screen the Touch Bar in addition to the launch of the new version completely size 16 inch.

Reports indicate that the new version is coming in September unless there is a problem of the development are not available. If the data IHS minutes, the Apple TV use the LCD screen to accurately 3072 x 1920 and not the OLED screen, although a lot of rumors circulating recently suggests that the company will be used to screen Olid computers and tablets after the decline of the sales of the iPhone, and a MacBook Pro with a screen size of 16 inches will be the largest screen on your MacBook in the lineup the current Apple TV, where currently the largest screen amount of the size of its 15.4 inch.

Rarely Apple TV to update any of the Mac devices in September, and often wait for October instead, but this will be the updates out in both cases. Order IHS close relationships with suppliers of Apple, revealed strictly from the iPad Pro size 10.5 inch by four months of its launch.

Source: IHS Markit

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