Apple is planning to use chips to TSMC in the Mac

This topic Apple is planning to use chips to TSMC in Mac computers appeared on Engadget.

Publication of new report reviews the plans of Apple coming to replace the chips Intel used in the Mac chip processor TSMC, coupled with the use of the chip to TSMC in the context of its smart.


It seems that the success of the chip to TSMC in versions of Apple’s phones the iPhone will lead to a new change in the plans of Apple in the coming period for Mac.

As revealed leaks of internal company Apple, about the plans of the tech giant to expand its work with TSMC, which already supplies chips A12 bionic made in phones iPhone this year.

It is estimated according to the new to follow Apple to use the chip to TSMC in phones the iPhone killer, with Chip A13, Chip and A14, as noted in the report, which was published across analyst Kuo indicated that the expansion of mutual cooperation between the two companies will also Mac devices.

Also in the time in which Apple on-chip modem Intel for the iPhone, but they plan to skip about Intel chip processor.

The report also indicates that the new versions of the chip processor, the design of the Apple and is manufactured through the TSMC, it will be reported officially in 2020 or 2021.

Also will not stop the adoption of Apple on the chip, which is manufactured by TSMC on the hardware only, but Apple plans to rely on chips that are manufactured from TSMC to support the smart cars that evolved from Apple.

The report also stated that the policy of the Apple smartphone is still under development at the present time, with the expectations of the start of actual production for the smart car after almost 5 years, with an Apple Car in accordance with the arrangements published so far, the highest technical intelligence artificial support self-driving.

The report said that the policy of the Apple smartphone you need to chip the processor characteristic accurately manufacture 3 or 5 nm, which confirms that the start production of this car needs to be longer due to the chip processor to accurately manufacture 7 nm recently.

Will not reveal the Apple for confirmed details about its policy smart at the moment, only to confirm the continuation of the development control refers to the expectations of more leaks and reports that provide more information about technology Apple next.


This topic Apple is planning to use chips to TSMC in Mac computers appeared on Engadget.

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