Apple is preparing to roll out iPhone retractable can be opened like a book by 2020


Company Apple on your iPhone radically new with a walk-away, you can easily turn to as a tablet, this according to a report by Merrill Lynch of Bank of America, which says many of the suppliers of Apple in Asia have confirmed that they are working on such a product, analysts said it planned to put phone EVO folding time close to 2020.


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The analyst said, “and yesterday a citizen” in a recent report :”we expect to not change phones EVO this year significantly from prior versions, even for sizes, although the changes in size have proven useful for Apple in the past, and our information also indicate that Apple is working with suppliers on phone EVO folding can be turned into a tablet device, will be formally unveiled in the year 2020″.

According to the “Daily Mail” the British, this is not the first time I appear in which reports indicate that Apple is working on phone EVO folding, as advanced company of technology giant applied for a patent on the phone can open it and close it like a book last November, and the patent that the device may contain a flexible screen.

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