Apple is recognized as a leader in the development of augmented reality

To argue that Apple is a cult Corporation, which can be considered a way of life, is meaningless. The company has millions of followers around the world, ready meekly to accept what it produces or just going out. Sometimes this resignation leads to quite absurd situations. For example, as in the case of smart glasses, with which Apple entered the top three industry leaders despite the fact that not only releases them, but still not even announced.

The research firm Digi-Capital in conjunction with the Augmented World Expo conducted a study which aimed to identify the most influential producers of the technology underlying the smart glasses and headsets, augmented and virtual reality. The survey, which was attended by heads of industrial enterprises, top managers and participants of the conference, Augmented World Expo, it was revealed that 77% of respondents put in first place Microsoft, with its HoloLens, 67 percent prefer Magic Leap, placing her in second place, while 43% of smart glasses Apple, which isn’t even out yet, but are already included in the top three.

The findings of the respondents is likely to build on the achievements of Apple in the area of augmented reality. The company from Cupertino as no one else has been able to develop this area on mobile devices changed our idea about the convenience of this technology. Another thing is that only with the release of Apple smart glasses, augmented reality will be able to come to life for real, finding application in various spheres of our life.

Apple Glass

If someone will release a really popular and useful for everyday use smart glasses, it will be Apple, ascertain the respondents voted for Apple. According to them, it will be smart glasses “with a human face”, the application of which will be not only in a corporate environment, but also among ordinary users.

Now the main wish of the respondents to the smart glasses, Apple has released inexpensive. Because, otherwise, many potential buyers may be trite to withdraw from the purchase, thinking that they don’t want to wear so much expensive devices. This opinion was supported by several respondents, making it clear that they will not consider to purchase glasses Apple, if she will follow the example of Google implementing Google Glass for $ 999.

When will the smart glasses Apple

According to rumors, Apple Glass will hit the market until 2022. While this is all that is known about future glasses company. So Apple will have to do a lot of work to release her decision seemed not only technological, but also carrying some kind of favor for everyday use. However, given that designers and engineers live for a few years ahead of us, there is hope that they will succeed.

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