Apple is recruiting students in his Academy developers

Great importance that Apple gives to programming, not limited to the annual conference WWDC, and Tim cook’s statements about the unreliability of higher education. To emphasize their commitment to the profession of developer, in 2016, Apple opened its own Academy developers in Naples. And this week has announced the recruitment of students for the third year of the training program, each of which has a chance to get demand and, most importantly, well-paid profession.

Just this year, Apple plans to take on a training program of 400 students. Training in the Academy is free of charge, so getting there can only be one who will successfully cope with the entrance tests which will take place in three stages.

How to enter the Academy Apple

  • First stage – applying, which you can send via the Internet (this can be done via the Academy’s website, which at the time of publication somehow unavailable).
  • The second stage of the test, which is conducted in three European cities for the convenience of students: Paris, London and Munich.
  • The final stage is interview. It will be held in four European cities: Paris, London, Munich and Naples.

It is expected that the Academy will enroll students who already have some idea about programming. The curriculum was specifically designed by Apple experts in the field of education, in conjunction with professors from the Federico II University in Naples. In the learning process students will obtain the skills needed for application development, learn new programming languages and development environments, as well as to more deeply understand their own Apple platforms.

Upon completion, graduates will be able to focus on creating applications for iOS and macOS. To date, the App Store is already available more than 50 applications developed by the University of Apple that is extremely popular. And the most talented students will be eligible to attend the conference WWDC, which takes place every year in San Diego.

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