Apple is scheduled to officially start receiving applications for the purchase of a Mac Pro

The company announced the Apple announced the deadline to start receiving applications for the purchase of a desktop computer is a Mac Pro, with a screen Pro Display XDR on December 10.

Did Apple make a change to the design of a desktop computer is a Mac Pro, which tend to design, restore, with the released new Mac Pro the year 2019, where features version a new design of aluminum, with holes for airbags, three-dimensional, as this comes version create more powerful and efficient support for the user.

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Supports Apple computer desktop Mac Pro the year 2019 units of the processor, starting from processor eight nuclei and even 28 of the nuclei in the Intel Xeon W, with memory up to 1.5 TB DDR4 ECC distributed in 12 DIMM slots.

On the other hand, offers Apple this version of the report of the MPX that can support 4 video cards. Radeon Pro from AMD, with 8 of the PCI Express slots, card and Afterburner is optional.

I have confirmed the emails that I sent from Apple land, besides a tweet came across Marques Brownlee, the Apple plans to roll out a Mac Pro for the year 2019 for sale starting from 10 December, with the price of a desktop computer of 5999 USD.

Also available screen Apple Pro XDR size 32 inches, the quality of the display Retina 6K, and supports display resolution 6016 in 3384 Pixel camera, also features a screen brightness of 1000 nits and up to 1600 nits, and support a wide range of colors P3, and is scheduled to stop screen Pro XDR request on December 10 at a price of 4,999 USD.


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