Apple is still considering the idea of bringing the feature to schedule messages to platform iMessage


There is no doubt that Apple wants users to use the messaging platform iMessage own. It’s a platform to chat virtual in iOS devices, a product used by many of the users of the iOS to communicate with each other, and with each new update, says Apple bringing new features to this product. However, there is one feature lacking in this region, a feature to schedule the messages.

As suggests the name, this feature will allow users to schedule messages to be sent later instead of being buried down the new messages. So, if you need to send a reminder, will help you to do so. In a publication on the social network Reddit, user u/Jmaster_888 published an email allegedly received from the vice president of the software division at Apple, Mr. Craig Federighi on the date of the arrival of the water.

According to the official CEO of Apple, it seems that it will not be launching this feature in the near future, but he did not close the door on the possibility of bringing this feature to the platform iMessage. He answered by saying that this is something that I’ve studied Apple and continues his training, and also identified some of the complexities of the process of creating such features, suggesting that they may not arrive any time soon.

For example, Mr. Craig Federighi some problems such as how to schedule messages with unsent messages, or how to support to delete the pending messages and edit them, or how you can send a message when you have an outgoing message parameter, etc. However, if the scheduling messages are important for you, you may want to check the application Telegram, which got this feature as part of the last update.

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