Apple is still on the website to know the rear doors with الـFBI

Again, prompts the FBI to open a rear door docking-iPhone on the background of the shooting that happened at an air base the US Navy but Apple refuses.

باب خلفي للآي-فون

Will Apple no matter how many attempts for Gap iDevice iPhone because she believes that the privacy of its users is a birthright which must be protected in various ways.

What’s the story

In December 2019, and three people were killed and others injured in the shooting attack at the base of the Pensacola US Navy during the attack, try shooter which is trained a Saudi named Mohammed Saeed Al Shamrani destroy the device and my iPhone were in his possession before he died, but it didn’t work.

After the murder of a port attack, the request of both the FBI and the United States Department of justice to help them Apple keeps everything in its power through the creation of a loophole or a back door allowing them to access the data of the iPhone to prevent the attack.

Apple’s response

باب خلفي للآي-فون

Apple Inc. said of America that it will cancel the lock my device iPhone the perpetrators of the incident in order to protect the privacy of the users because the attempt to create a loophole that will make users of the iPhone, prone to risks related to privacy.

With regard to the incident base in Pensacola has made clear, the American company that they helped as much as possible by providing many gigabytes of data on the perpetrators of the incident and includes data backup on I – Cloud account information and data transactions on multiple accounts.

The Apple that there is no thing as a back door used by good people only and that the rear doors can people bad tapped as indicated that they won’t say more than to serve justice and will not sacrifice the privacy of its users and security to implement the wishes of the law enforcement agencies.

What will happen

باب خلفي للآي-فون

According to Andy Garrett, president and CEO of the investigations Garrett’s discovery, the FBI didn’t need to seek help from Apple in particular to devices iPhone, for the need is not another versions where he had a iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 can be secure with ease thanks to the tools purchased by the FBI during the past two years.

The FBI of America had used the company Cellebrite Israeli to decrypt the iPhone 5 the context of Special Tasks world of San Bernardino after Apple refused and spent the FBI more than a million dollars to get the data stored with the perpetrator of the accident, and she can do the same with the perpetrator of the accident airbase, but this time I won’t pay a lot of money I didn’t have it from the software I got from the evil Zionist, you just need to ask for the help of which has been paid about 15 thousand dollars or less this time.

What do you think what Apple’s done with the FBI sticking strong to protect the privacy of its users? Share us what you think in the comments



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