Apple is targeting the idea of bringing wireless charging technology reverse their products

MacBook Pro - iMac

One of the features that began to make their way increasingly to the smart phone is the wireless charging feature the reverse. The company Huawei launched this feature for the first time with the phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro, we saw Samsung bring to the Galaxy S10. As a result, it is not surprising to see Apple say explore this idea also.

According to the patent a new invention has been discovered recently by website Patently Apple, it seems that Apple is looking to add a wireless charging technology reverse their products. Show patented several graphic How to embed the wireless charging system in Apple products, such as computer MacBook notebook where you can leave the Apple Watch or iPad or iPhone click it to ship it.


However, given that this is just a patent, there is what confirms to us that Apple will actually include this tech in their products. We know that the company is interested in wireless charging, they are about to launch wireless charging dock AirPower, as they have in the past explored different ways for wireless charging ” Real ” by relying on radio waves.

Anyway, this idea is interesting and would not mind if the computers MacBook or iMac in the future able to work as a wireless charging.

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