Apple is the brand most popular technology in the UAE

In the UAE, people love technology and cars to a large extent, this is what makes the trade-off in this market more vibrant.

Well, according to brand, technology, automotive, publishing site MBLM his list of more popular brands and love by users for 2019, so that customers feel in the United Arab Emirates that they are more closely related to Business Information Technology and real estate compared to the categories in the other industry.

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As stated in the report, which classifies brands on their ability to build strong links with its customers, the 15 brands of more than 20 other that make links with its customers in the UAE fall within the previous categories.

Come Apple at the top of the list, followed by a large number of automotive brands – such as Ford (3), and Mercedes-Benz (4), Audi (5), Lexus (8), and BMW ( 9), and Toyota (15).

Dominate the technique on the rest of the list, so that they come Microsoft Corporation (6), YouTube (10), and WhatsApp (11), Google Maps (13), Samsung (14), Google (17), and Sony (18), and Amazon (20).

Among the brands of gas technology in the top ten the first two, came to the Emirates (2), and Nescafé (7), Mastercard (12) National Geographic (16), and Dior (19).

The classification of brands under this report on the emotional, and the responses of consumers aged 18 – 64 in the 15 industry in the UAE.

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