Apple is the first American company with a market value of more than $ 2 trillion

Apple is the first US company with a market value of over $ 2 trillion

Apple broke a record today, becoming the first American company with a financial value of more than $ 2 trillion, just two years after its market value reached $ 1 trillion.

While the value of the company's share rose during daytime hours today, Wednesday, by more than 1%, the value of each share increased to 468.35 US dollars, increasing the value of the company to more than two trillion dollars.

According to statistics, Apple shares have witnessed profits of 60% this year, despite the wave of forced disruptions due to the Corona pandemic; It overcomes the closure crisis that affected its stores during the past months.

This success of the company is attributed to its possession of a solid mass base of loyal customers and its apparent success in gaining the confidence of consumers, which allowed sales to be compensated during the closure period through sales and e-shopping lines.

On the other hand, in a discussion of the strong growth of the iPhone maker, questions increased about the extent of Apple’s strength in the market and its impact on fair competition in it, as Tim Cook and a number of executives of large American technology companies were summoned to a hearing before the US Congress for alleged practices that violate the fair competition policy.

It is worth noting that Saudi Aramco had a market value of more than $ 2 trillion in 2019, and at that time it was on the throne of the largest companies with market value.



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