Apple is thinking about returning MagSafe new MacBook

One of the main disadvantages of the modern MacBook, according to General opinion, consists in absence of a magnetic MagSafe connector, which allowed you to disconnect it, gently pulling on the cable. However, in the next generation Apple branded laptops can resume using a popular interface, however its design. This is indicated by a new patent, an application for registration which the company filed in the patent and trademark office.

Unlike the original MagSafe, which was a completely separate type connector, the interface of the new generation will only be advanced USB C. According to the descriptive part of the patent, Apple intends to complete its magnetic elements that facilitate the attachment of the charging cable into the laptop casing. This means that, in theory, to charge with the new MagSafe MacBook you can use any USB-C-cords.

New MagSafe

If Apple decides to equip the new MacBook with the updated MagSafe connector in the form in which it is described in the patent application, this event hardly will please fans of the original interface, dreams about his return. The original MagSafe was famous for the fact that allowed to connect to the laptop and unplug the charging cable, simply pulling it while USB-C, even magnetic, not likely to be allowed to do so with the same ease and convenience.

How to return MagSafe

But even if the patent will remain unfulfilled, users of modern models of the MacBook will still be able to use third-party accessories that mimic the functionality of the MagSafe. As a rule, they consist of two parts — connector with magnetic pad connected to the USB type-C, and the cable that attaches to the magnetic platform. Although this method deprives you of one of the USB type-C, many see it has more advantages than disadvantages.

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