Apple is trying to increase the base of users of the Apple Music service through the introduction of new

Started Apple in push notifications for some users to experience a free second Apple Music service, where users can experience Unlimited Music Apple for a period of up to 3 months.


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Pointed out a lot of the users of the iOS platform to receive notifications free experience for the second time, the Apple Music service for 3 months, to provide the service after the expiry of the period of the free subscription a monthly or annual basis to users, or can cancel the subscription without any cost.

As pointed out by the users who have received notifications to trade free, they were already shared my Apple Music service earlier, where they were to cancel their registration in time, however, Apple is trying to attract its user base ex-New support for the Apple Music service, along side the push new users to subscribe to the service.

Recall that the service of Apple Apple Music facing great competition in the last period of Amazon and Google along with Spotify, so you try harder to attract and convince the users to choose the Apple Music service through new offerings.


I know of

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