Apple is trying to make her assistant digital smarter

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Company is working Apple TV on create a new group for artificial intelligence and machine learning, which brings together teams of machine learning and digital assistant voice Siri Siri under the management of one person is John genre John Giannandrea, one of the former executives of Google Inc., who joined Apple in April, this move comes in attempt from the manufacturer for the iPhone to enhance its digital Siri and make it smarter, after being overshadowed by other assistance such as Google Assistant, and the Amazon Alexa, and on the throne of the market of speakers smart home.

And maintains a team Siri and machine learning the prestige of their own, to buy things like mapping and development tools and other projects of the company, and two to John genre instead of Craig wedel buyer Craig Federighi, head of software company Apple, which was responsible for a team Siri.

Spent genre eight years at Google, where he oversaw the teams Business Intelligence automation, research, and research, participated in an effort to integrate artificial intelligence in products such as Gmail Gmail docs Google Docs and plugin Google Google Assistant, and helped lead the transition of the giant search company artificial intelligence in the first place.

He founded two companies before joining Google, Tellme Networks and Metaweb Technologies, captured on Google last in 2010, and has served as Chief Engineer at General Magic, a startup founded by members of team Apple are Andy hertzfeld Andy Hertzfeld and Marc porat Marc Porat, bill Atkinson Bill Atkinson and others in 1989, and made the company legendary a large number of technology breakthroughs, including touch screens small and modems.

The John genre is one of 16 executives reporting directly to the CEO of Apple Tim Cook Tim Cook, which said in a letter addressed to the staff I got the newspaper “New York Times” in the month of April: “we must cling to our technology, our values that we all cherish, and share John our commitment to privacy and our thoughtful where we make computers smarter and more personal”.

And the Apple through the recruitment genre, coupled with the professor at Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon Rus salakhutdinov Russ Salakhutdinov, re-order strategy, where he gave a report issued in the month of March last in the performance of Siri’s mysterious performance issues long-term and administrative issues, but noted that the acquisitions of companies like Beats and VocalIQ has helped in improving speech recognition.

Published Apple TV in the month of April a list of more than 150 tracking function of the group Siri, and information to develop a chip dedicated to artificial intelligence, where a represents the artificial intelligence is central to the efforts of Apple within the range of the various initiatives, as with the presence of more than a million devices in the hands of the people, they are able to do some ambitions, which is what drives her to build one of the largest networks of dialogue at all for artificial intelligence.

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