Apple is very serious about health technology, has hired dozens of doctors

Apple Company

It’s no secret that Apple was extremely interested in the technologies of Health. You think smart watch Apple Watch is an excellent example of displays of the various efforts made by the company in the field of health, this smart watch include a sensor for measuring heart rate note that the previous modern smart Apple Watch Series 4 also provides the possibility of obtaining electrocardiogram.

There are also reports saying that Apple was also working on a way to non-invasively measure glucose levels in the blood. For that reason no surprise really to learn that a new report from channel CNBC reported that Apple is hiring dozens of doctors, where sources claim that the police have edges of 50 or more doctors working in the company.

Managed channel CNBC the same track 20 doctors working in Apple on the basis of the information available in the LinkedIn network, but there is a possibility that there will be more. Why are you asking Apple to from many doctors to be the staff have? Due to it the development of hardware and software relating to health, it is logical that they wish to have medical professionals to assist in consultation and guidance.

However, the company Apple is not the only one that you employ specialists in the medical field, has revealed achieving CNBC also that Amazon has many doctors working in the company, and the same thing applies to company Alphabet. It is not surprising to find Apple refuses to comment on the report.


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