Apple is working on a cheap SE version of its smartwatch

When talking about smart watches, the name of Apple comes before any other name, and this is because of the characteristics and advantages offered by its smart watches on the one hand, and its control over a huge portion of the smart phone market on the other hand, but what prevents a huge number of users from acquiring Apple watches is their price Relatively high.

According to a number of leaks and reports, Apple is currently working on a cheaper version of its smartwatch, which is the Apple Watch SE, and this version will come to replace the third generation of the Apple Watch with some additional improvements, of course.

According to the reliable leaked Komiya on Twitter, the new watch will come with S6 and W4 chips and will offer 16 GB of storage, while it will be made of aluminum, along with support for Bluetooth 5, and the most important thing is that this watch – and if the leaks are true – will come next March at the same price as the Apple Watch watch Series 3 which is currently selling at a low price.

Source: Tom's Guide

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