Apple is working on a new application that combines the features of the tracker as well as tracker personal like Tile

According to 5To9Mac Apple is working on adding a new application to continue care with tracking and integrates each application of its specialists in this area and they Find My Friends and Find My iPhone, where the app displays the new name of Green Touch inside the company, according to the report, which referred to the subject of the test currently underway by the engineers of Apple.

Where it is planned that the app integrates the new functions of the applications previously mentioned with the development of the mechanism of action especially in terms of finding the iPhone user, roomy and has app a new feature known as Find Network “creating a network” which in turn allow tracking of the location of the device without the need for a connection to the network of cellular or other wireless networks!

While providing the possibility to share location with the app users the other two both on the scope of family or friends as it offers the possibility to send requests for location sharing, where can friends make use of this property specify the geographical region in between them yet allow them to receive a notification when you exit them or access to that area, can be compared to the application in a similar way to what it is application to Find My Phone.

On the other hand, the company is also working on providing a physical product to be used to track personal belongings of users, according to those close to the company are in the process of production of a tracker known internally as “B389” will be held in a manner similar to medal of intolerance Tile will be compared with the account iClould for the user to receive a notification of an alert in the event of its departure from the place of encounter purpose attached the tracker to prevent forget about him in any public place for example; with the ability to customize certain areas is to ignore the item send notifications created in the home or office.

In didn’t mention the site a specific date may launch in Apple’s new product but expectations go with September next in event detection for iPhone 2019.

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