Apple is working on a new lineup of devices that combine the features of iOS and MacOS


Released today a new report says that Apple is working on a series of new devices bearing the code name ” Star“, adding that the devices that belong to this series will incorporate techniques used in both iOS devices and MacOS. It is estimated that the company you choose models initial multiple it is not yet clear how it will be designed. Not the report contains a lot of details, so it is difficult to fill in the blanks at the moment.

According to the change, he says that the prototypes that are being tested include a touch-sensitive Screen, GPS, and compass, as well as a waterproof design, and a SIM card slot. As the report added that he was manufacturing a small range of these devices by the company Pegatron, which is one of the companies to be entrusted with the Apple mission to manufacture many of its devices, including the iPhone.

Since the report does not mention basic details like the Processor design and the overall design and screen size, and if these devices contain a keyboard or not, it is difficult to predict the place where you will put these devices in the classification of Apple. However, there is speculation about the possibility that this device is a MacBook powered ARM processor which we’ve heard many rumors about him in the past or maybe a laptop powered by iOS. It should be noted that the report says that this device is not running iOS or MacOS entirely, but running another said that he was ” shared ” from the iOS system.

It should be noted that, since the report does not highlight the important details, it is important to deal with this information with the least amount of protection at the moment. And to expect concrete evidence, it is very hard to believe at the moment that Apple is working on a new lineup of devices, which are completely different from the current composition.


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