Apple is working on a screen without cutouts

The dream of many Apple users since the appearance on the iPhone a huge “bangs” at the top of the screen? Right, so bangs are even more! But it’s better if they disappeared altogether, ceasing to mutilate the front panel with expensive and good smartphones. A matter of taste, to someone, for example, these “bangs” like, but the haters wonder why the new iPhone this design, the cutouts and come up with offensive names. Over time, the “Bang” was replaced with “the unibrow”, “hole between the teeth” — whether long enough the imagination of those who don’t like cutouts? For at least a year, because apparently, Apple also decided to put an end to bullying.

Screen new iPhone 11 Pro sweet heart “edge”

It should be noted that “the unibrow” didn’t just appear. It is needed in order to place on the front selfie camera and other smartphone sensors. Therefore, if we get rid of it, you need to figure out what to do with all of the above? It is easy to invent, and nowhere to go, just like this link to our Yandex.Zen.

Of registration issued to Apple by the patent and trademark office, says that the company has acquired the rights to the patent “electronic devices with holes in the display.” Applied to the description of illustration schematically show located under the display, microphone and speaker that can function thanks to the small holes in the screen.

The microphone and speaker under the screen with holes

The document further mentioned that the display is expected to be produced by the OLED technology, which automatically relieves him of the need to add illumination to the design. Also, depending on the components used in the display, it is proposed to place them under different elements. For example, an array of cameras TrueDepth or the light sensor mounted under “svetopropuskanie window” between pixels. In theory this will create a running through the display , Touch ID.

The same svetopropuskanie hole was also mentioned in the August patent application. In the description it described the principle of operation of the screen which are not highlighted if you want to use is installed underneath the component. For example, if it’s a camera, then the pixels simply do not burn, allowing the camera to capture image or see the user. It is also assumed that such “gaps” in the screen can just be more transparent than the rest of the display. While outwardly it will look as usual.

One of the options screen with holes

System Touch ID are also mentioned. In the may patent application was proposed to use the holes in the display and the ambient light sensor as part of the Touch ID, hidden under the screen.

Given these patent applications, it is possible to assume in what direction the development of a new iPhone, but unfortunately, it is impossible to be sure one hundred percent that the developers will do exactly as describe in these patents. Indeed, the presence of approved patent applications does not mean that Apple necessarily implement all of these ideas in the future. But still, to see that the company seeks to get rid of the “eyebrow” very happily. Don’t you think?

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